What is the Carltons Series?

The CARLTONS SERIES interweaves brands, travel, story and characters through a perfectly curated combination of FICTION and… REALITY for the individual with a penchant for sophistication.

“Do they like it here – this place?”  Came the response: “They have to like it.  They invented it.”  – F. Scott Fitzgerald

THE CARLTONS SERIES is a travel and style magazine utilizing an experiential approach of incorporating story and characters into a concept geared for affluent travelers with a global mindset. THE CARLTONS SERIES aims to make travel more adventurous thereby more fulfilling, more entertaining.  We provide carefully curated travel, destination brands and adventure to our readers through our online magazine, social media, and an upcoming web series.

We introduce our readers to John and Charlotte Carlton, a delicious concoction who recapture the ‘jet-set’ days through a trans-media campaign regaling escapades, sordid affairs and adventure — recalling a certain panache, romance, and elegance that once was travel.

People desire items and experiences that are unique, even difficult to find.  They want to explore new destinations, to experience the ordinary, to savor the simple and yes, to indulge in the elegance of life.

We started this magazine to provide a snapshot of a sophisticated lifestyle — not to be confused with the overused term ‘luxury’ — through a simple and brief layout, highlighting products and destinations, guiding the reader directly to the source.


We hope you enjoy THE CARLTONS SERIES. 

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