Whisky Live Jakarta 2015

The world’s premier whisky show, Whisky Live, makes its long awaited debut inIndonesia in 2015. Whisky Live Indonesia will be on Friday January 30th and Saturday January 31st, held at the Tugu Kunstkring Paleis in Central Jakarta;which earlier this year celebrated it’s 100th anniversary.

Director of Whisky Live Indonesia, Jim Weston, told Whisky Magazine “the demand for premium whisky in Indonesia is on the rise and as a whisky market it is one ofthe fastest growing in Asia. The high import duties associated withalcoholic beverages results in premium whisky been seen as a luxury lifestyleproduct.  This has lead to sponsorship coming in from outside the whiskyindustry resulting in extremely reasonably priced booths for participatingwhisky brands.”   For more information visit http://www.whiskyliveindonesia.com