Meet the makers of the world’s first pure milk vodka

Visiting farms deep in the West Dorset countryside, it’s not unusual to discover examples of innovation meeting necessity. But would you expect to find the world’s only vodka made from cows’ milk? We meet the trailblazers responsible…

Black Cow vodka founders Paul Archard and Jason Barber – Image: Matt Austin

“West Dorset is a great place to visit, it’s a lovely gentle landscape. But a lot of people drive past us or go on to Cornwall, and there’s a lot to do here.” Paul Archard (aka ‘Archie’), co-founder of Black Cow Vodka, is sitting in the custom-designed Bar + Kitchen adjoining the distillery in Childhay. He casually reels off the outstanding cheese, cured meat and wine producers of the famed agricultural region; the flourishing arts scene; the local creatives making knives and “amazing things out of metal”. But what about the little project he has going with his dairy farmer neighbour, Jason Barber? “We set out to make the world’s best vodka, that’s what we set out to do, basically,” chimes in Jason. “And we’re pretty much there, to be honest.”

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