Charlotte’s Acqua dell’Elba

I discovered this lovely fragrance, Acqua dell’Elba, this wonderful boutique on the Italian island of Elba… once famed for Napolean’s incarcerationportoferraio_island_of_elba_tuscanyAcqua dell’Elba possess the ‘essence of the island’ that steams from a ‘message of the sea.’

Destiny brought us to Paolina’s little island where a polished ivory statuette had been recovered in the 11th Century from the hold of a sailing ship; its watertight lid had protected a precious perfume.
This was our message-in-a-bottle, a gift from the sea


The identity of the brand Acqua dell’Elba revolves around the historical and geographical elements and the intrinsic values of the company, the place where it is situated and the environmental values to which it is related. DSC_0015

To purchase or learn more about Acqua dell’Elba:
Viale Aldo Moro, 69| Marciana Marina LI |Italy
Tel. +39 0565 99513 |

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