Ecuador: Ripping Canoa

Ecuador offers an incredible surf variety. There are an equal proportion of rights to lefts, and an equal proportion of points, rock reefs, jetties, river mouths and beach breaks.


Some of the breaks, depending on their orientation, work best on north swells, others on south swells and others on combo or “West” swells, making Ecuador a very dynamic surf destination. In general the breaks are very tide sensitive.Canoa-Beach-Surfing Canoa is a fairly exposed beach break that has consistent surf. Summer offers the favoured conditions for surfing. Works best in offshore winds from the east southeast.

canoa Groundswells are more common than windswells and the ideal swell direction is from the northwest. Waves at the beach break both left and right. Surfable at all stages of the tide. It very rarely gets crowded here. Watch out for sharks and rocks.

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