Eolis Vineyard

Eolis is a young Bulgarian, family owned vineyard started in 2005, which is doing exceptionally well.  It offers several varietals, two of my preferred are the Cab Franc and Gewurztraminer. J+






The Eolis Estate is located near the village of Malko Gradishte in the Lyubimets PDO region, in the outskirts of the Eastern Rhodope mountains of the mythical poet Orpheus.

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Bulgaria has a tremendous history of wine making and seems today to have the momentum, a direction of travel to become a prominent viticulture player on the global stage. 00e2wypjum8ny_375x500

Bulgaria is a  country in transition, building a food and drink culture and a sophisticated, cosmopolitan middle class to go with it



To order of learn more about Eolis vineyards:
6001 Stara Zagora |2В Anton Marchin Str.|Bulgaria
Tel. +359 888 866 484 | http://www.eolisestate.com/