Frank Worth

Frank Worth was the leading Hollywood photographer.  He befriended and photographed many Hollywood actors and actresses.  His black and white candid pictures are unusual for the era, when most stars limited themselves to carefully posed glamour portraits.

tumblr_n3xqmifq9T1qbyoq9o4_500Frank Worth was born in New York City in 1923.  He picked up photography at a young age and soon found himself employed by International News Service, which as his first assignment was to photograph actors arriving at Los Angeles’ Grand Central Station.

Frank quickly met and became close friends with many top stars, including James Dean, with whom he shared a fascination for sports cars.

largeFrank Sinatra came to Hollywood a couple of years after Worth and they  became close friends.

Worth never released his best photos. Some of his shots were to him as private as his personal life.

The remarkable rare and highly valuable collection of negatives that were accumulated over a period of 60 years was found by his estate in Worth’s home after his passing in 1999.

The negatives reveal a diverse, previously unseen catalog of Frank Worth’s Hollywood friends, acquaintances, and sports stars, representing an array of the famous stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

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