Jetset Pursuit Series: Gammarelli

Gammarelli socks aren’t ordinary socks. The House of Gammarelli is iconic: they hold the honor as tailor to Pope’s, cardinal’s and bishops’ clothing for decades.  The famous Roma shop has a real history and true heritage.


The cotton used for the socks have extra long fibers for durability and comfort.  The socks  are produced on weaving machines using 240 needles. The toes are then linked by hand, adding comfort and flat toe seams.

PTR-ROMEPOPE01-030913In 2000, Ditta Annnibale Gammarelli was included in the list of historic shops of the city of Rome, and is probably the most ancient shop in Rome, still managed by direct descendants of the Founder.

To contact Ditta Annibale Gammarelli: Via S. Chiara 34 | 00186 Roma
Tel. 0039 06.68801314 |