Infamous Annabels of London

“The 60s was an extraordinary time to be in London… and at the centre of all that was Annabel’s” — Anna Wintour

“We take an exclusive look at the new trailer for A String of Naked Lightbulbs, a new film by Ridley Scott Associates on London’s famous nightclub, as remembered by Anna Wintour, Goldie Hawn, Naomi Campbell and Bryan Ferry.”


A String of Naked Lightbulbs, directed by Greg Fay and produced by Ridley Scott, is a new documentary giving an insider glimpse into London’s most famous basement and its notorious history, from its debut in the 1960s, its sale in 2007 and consequential revival and subtle rebrand. There has been no drop in standards – in recent years, the club has been the backdrop for several exclusive events, including a number of AnOther Magazine launch parties. Above all, the film manages to capture the heartwarming memories of those who worked at Annabel’s, and the sense of fierce loyalty held within the club.

All those different worlds were starting the collide. Hairdressers were equally as famous as duchesses, and at the centre of all that was  — standing for the old world but also representing the new.” Here, AnOther takes an exclusive look at the trailer for the new flim.

Words by Mhairi Graham