LA COLOMBE D’OR – Botique Hotel

Hidden in the hills between Cannes and Monte Carlo is a rustic inn displaying a staggering art collection.  Paul Roux opened the small establishment in St. Paul during the war and it has thrived ever since.

Today, La Colombe d’Or in Provence offers simple pleasures to their discerning guests, who like most holidaying on the South of France, appreciate discretion. Colombe-dOr-Terrace

The establishment has a long history of notable guests and lodgers including Chagall, Picasso, Braque who lived at the hotel, offering works and friendship for their room and board.  La_Colombe_d'Or_Vence_11

This crumbling, secluded inn has become one of the world’s most idiosyncratic museums, a bizarre monument to the permeable barrier between life and art – J McAuley

Remarkably and thankfully, the hotel has resisted the kind of transformation many other Côte d’Azur hotels have undertook.  La Colombe is one of the few hotels today where reservations must be submitted in writing or made over the phone.

La_Colombe_d'Or_Vence_16 Giant Calder mobile device poolside

The hotel offers 25 rooms with a rustic feel and the restaurant serves traditional Provençale dishes.


Enquiries: 06570 Saint-Paul de Vence |  France
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