Life’s Necessities: Moreca Aviatior Backpack

While savoring a most fantastic Vesper at Duke’s Bar in London, my old friend who’s known for buying diamonds in Tel Aviv to saving Black Rhinos in Kenya reveled his new travel companion.

He had meet two brothers on a flight to Kiev and immediately thought their collection a perfect fit for the Carltons – ‘unique destination brands’ – as usual, he was correct.

Moreca is an atelier of Oleg and Anton Duma brothers specializing in creating limited edition high-end objects on the interface between art and craftsmanship.


Centered around a simple and at the same time profound idea — gathering a team of dreamers, artists and talented professionals in one place, to develop and create unusual theme worlds and objects which incarnate them in the material world.

And create they did.  The brothers designed the Aviator PH-1 backpack.

Thinking of the fact that that we were missing a reliable travelling companion in our daily life and journeys, we decided to create a perfect backpack for him because we cannot imagine the modern globetrotter’s life without it

Aviatrix-PH-2-Backpack-by-Moreca-Atelier-image-2 The Aviator PH-1 is a rather remarkable work of art consisting of materials from 5 countries: Italy, Switzerland, USA, Ukraine and Germany.  The backpack is a must for any gentleman who appreciates travel and style.