Lodge Sax in Disentis

It’s not St. Moritz, but it if you’re looking for incredible, the next big powdery place ahead of the jolly hordes, off-piste skiing at its best – Disentis is your place.

Disentis7_006_MS_1576_a797f57111Disentis is an obscure Alpine village less than three hour train ride from Zurich.

disentis-dorf-winter_b7880e10a7And the Loge Sax is a lovely hotel ran by two Swedish brothers raised in Switzerland. Typically Swiss, seasoned with awareness and a touch of Scandinavia.



need to Know

  • Bar, restaurant, lounge
  • Ski tours
  • Snowshoeing
  • Ice-skating
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Close to ski lift
  • Sauna data=U4aSnIyhBFNIJ3A8fCzUmaVIwyWq6RtIfB4QKiGq_w,Cwk3JqWR368p3r8ZGf00bb6WZ_eKwqeklVKc6xxtd2XXLcpesedQ89XN7FdA1PnMMFgBIt7-8vrZ-VM0ETFF7JZaskuJQ6d4C2s56bnnzlc0i5THfEHQ0tMxyOWhBol-bo5XPUZOCeY

To contact or learn more about Lodge Sax:
Via SAX 1, 7180 Disentis/Mustér
Tel. +41 81 515 14 14 |http://www.lodgesax.com/#!kopie-von-die-lodge-the-lodge/c19io