Little Bay, Montserrat

Montserrat know as the Caribbean’s Emerald Isles is a unique destination for various reasons, but mainly because this once thriving ‘hot, hot, hot‘ island experienced a cataclysmic event in 1995 – a volcano erupted.


Montserrat has endured 15 years of volcanic eruption yet this tiny island remains determinedly upbeat, says Telegraph.

The volcano is currently inactive and traveling to Montserrat is safe and, actually quite beautiful.  The island had to literally relocate, and rebuilt its entire infrastructure in the north.  The former airport and capital are no longer accessible, laid to waste.  However, in the new capital things are  slowly taking shape, Little Bay tourism is returning.

However, the facilities and infrastructure of the island are continuing to be improved, they are far from the standards of most Caribbean islands.  But we believe that is the beauty, the reason to visit this unique destination now.


Drive from the recently opened airport through the newly-built area of Brades and you might think a building boom had struck an improbable locale.  The “Pompeii of the Tropics” is more accessible today than ever.



Plymouth, Montserrat 1998


need to Know

  • Fly to Antigua then hop a 20min flight to Montserrat’s Airport
  • Ferry service from Antigua
  • Wonderful beaches
  • Volcano sightings
  • Nature hikes
  • Water sports
  • Visit Rendezvous Bay
  • Low key, simple Caribbean island


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