Petit St. Vincent

Located in the southern tip of the Grenadines, this stunning exclusive Caribbean island resort is a true ‘understated’ luxury experience.


Offering just 22 spacious one bedroom cottages and two bedroom beach villas, you can enjoy the privacy you desire with gorgeous views of the Caribbean Sea. 125-Intimate09_Grenadines2_03.jpg_3This resort is all about going ‘offline.’  It’s about sipping tropical beverages on a white sand beaches, enjoying cool breezes, and warm sun… this resort is what a holiday is all bout.

PSV_Goatie's_Beach_Bar_at_Petit_St._Vincent_Island_Resort_-_The_Grenadines,_St._Vincent,_Caribbean. A 10 minute boat ride to the Tobago Cays takes you to the filming ground of Pirates of the Caribbean, an archipelago comprising five small uninhabited islands – Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Baradol, Petit Tobac and Jamesby.



need to Know

  • No telephones, wi-fi (in rooms), televisions
  • Gourmet restaurants
  • Yoga, spa and wellness center
  • Water sports
  • Boat charters & sailing
  • Dive center by Cousteau
  • Families welcome
  • Member of the SLH group
  • Extensive wine cellar
  • Ecologically sustainable
  • Fly to Barbados, then flight to Union Island Airport
  • Beach barbeques


Discover more about Petit St. Vincent:
PO Box 841338, Pembroke Pines, FL 33084
Tel. +1 (800) 654-9326 |

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