Rochelt Austrian Liquor

Rochelt is the premium distillery from Tyrol, Austria.

Gunter Rochelt was a true master in his profession.   His attention to high quality, consistency, attention to detail and extensive experience as a hobby-distiller enabled him to revolutionize the market for high-end distillates in the early 1990s. Adhering to very strict criteria for selecting the finest fruit, mastering the art of distilling, allowing for optimal maturation and continued self-criticism and refinement resulted in a new level of quality. This level of quality for brandy did not exist before the introduction of Rochelt brandy. The success of his ideals and work ethic proved Gunter right.

We are sorry to say Gunter Rochelt passed away in early 2009. However, over the last several years he was able to transition his experience and values to the next generation, who continue running the family business with a close attention to detail, enthusiasm and pride.

It does not suffice to be different without being better. Over a period of nearly seven years, Alexander Rainer followed in the steps of his father in law and learned everything from the basics to the important secrets and tricks of distilling from the master distiller himself, before taking over the management of the company.