Surf, Sun And Seclusion Getaways

The 10 Most Romantic Exotic-Island Hideaways

It’s getting to be that time of year, when we want to get away from snow, cold and gray skies. And we want to get away from all the people who have been made cranky by winter.

The fantasies of escaping to a tropical (or even temperate) island that feels like the end of the earth become especially acute in February. (Especially when we have a Valentine we’d like to whisk away with us.) But there’s remote and then there’s roughing it. And many of us who are connoisseurs of the former aren’t so fond of the latter.

These ten islands are exotic, tiny and off-the-beaten-path—but developed just enough to have one indulgent place to stay. (Disclosure: I’ve stayed at several of these hotels as their guest.)

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