Latin American Ski & Surf

I live for adventure, seek the thrill, the rush of life… here’s some of my preferred spots to get the adrenaline running in Latin America.  TH


  1. Heliski the Andes – Chile
  2. Heliski:

Chile is a well-known skiing and snowboarding destination, wide-open, above-treeline terrain, serious pow, and a lack of crowds are a major draw, as is heli-skiing, which is world-class.

Valle Nevado is South America’s largest ski resort.


South America is a great surf destination for pros as well as beginners. Both coastlines offer solid surf conditions. West coast with the world’s longest left wave.

Today, surfers from all over the world travel to. South America searching for those legendary left-hand point breaks that have made this continent such a heated destination.  Here’s a link to some of the top waves:

Nicaragua Surf Line –

 Luxury Costa Rica Surf Camp