Tom’s Lucchese Boots

Lucchese boots were founded by Salvatore Lucchese in Palermo, Sicily; his father, Gaetano Lucchese, was a shoemaker.  In 1883 Salvatore and his brother, Joseph set up a boot-making shop in San Antonio, Texas.


6b54e48bb688a8eda85fc39d6eed793eIn the 1950s politicians and celebrities discovered Lucchese boots.


The classics are luxurious bespoke collections exclusive to the retailer that carries them.

These boots are labor-intensive and can be customized down to the finest detail.  Constructed on Lucchese’s proprietary lasts, the boots in this line are handmade, leather lined, feature a leather insole, leather outsole, stacked leather heel, three-fourth welt with lemonwood pegging, and are available in all heels and toes.  Exotic skins are available as market supplies allow.

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