Where to get the perfect cup of tea in Hong Kong

Charlotte and I are off to spend three glorious months in Hong Kong this March, therefore, we will be curating and highlighting some of the fabulous things to do and to see in the fabled city.    

Artisan-Room-tea-400x600 Artisan Room


Let’s begin with Lifestyle Asia’s recommendations on where to find the perfect cup of tea.  Here’s a fantastic article and tea-house list for your next trip to Hong Kong:

Tea is an inescapable part of Hong Kong’s rich food culture. But it’s more than just a side to wash down your dim sum — for centuries, it’s been a ritual in its own right. And while it doesn’t have the cool factor of coffee or the buzz that goes with a night of cocktails, that’s kind of the point: it’s a classic drink that can be enjoyed any place, and at any time of day.


To view the complete article: http://www.lifestyleasia.com/hk/en/dining/drink/photo-story/the-perfect-blend-where-to-get-the-perfect-cup-of-tea-in-hong-kong/#1