Who is Tom Huston?

He is part of the Carlton’s inner circle, a signature character who remains unchanged in an ever-changing world—a timeless man in modern times. From Riga to Rio, Huston is a thrill-seeker; the world’s most eligible bachelor and sought after wing-man whose style is difficult, if not impossible, to come by in this day and age of woke. Yet he pulls you in, leaving one yearning as to what Tom Huston will do next.


In the Series, Huston sweeps readers around the world for thrill rides with the boys of D-Circle, four men who meet monthly in far-flung locales, hungry for adrenaline: camel racing, heli-skiing, or racing through the streets of Istanbul on ripped-up BMWs.

I met him in Santiago last year, gave him a bottle of Haig’s Pinch for giving me a lift.  I glanced at my watch, saw it was past two, saw he’d just finished tap dancing in black tie across the hood of his ’65 Defender.  He was tall, thin, timeless, and possessed a mysterious persona…


Tom Huston is a signature character embodying traits of McQueen, Bond and Eastwood. He sweeps you to places; drawing us into a mythical world where ruggedness and masculinity, sensuality and danger are common traits, and once you’re there, well grab your bags and … let’s fly.


“Someone had to deliver this,” the Interviewer says with a coy smile. Tom takes the cream envelope embossed with ‘CC’ in cobalt blue Edwardian script and opens it reading the card written in distinctive green ink, ‘I’m inviting you for a birthday dinner….’ Right then, the creature leaps into Tom’s arms, wrapping her legs around his waist, kissing him.

— Excerpt from the Carltons Series, Italian Riviera

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