What is the Carltons Series?

The Carltons Series is a travel and style magazine incorporating story and characters curated for affluent travelers with a global mindset. We provide destinations, unique brands and with Tom Huston, adventure to our readers through our online magazine, social media, and our newly released short story, The Italian Riviera.

Who Are John and Charlotte Carlton?

John and Charlotte are fabulously wealthy, madly in love, and seem to do whatever-the-hell they want. They enjoy endless cocktails. They bicker and disagree. Their marriage, and love for one another, seems true, but an edgy despair churns like a riptide beneath the glassy surface.


John and Charlotte are the nucleus of a continental sophisticated group: society icons, entertainment personalities, underworld spies, royals, tycoons, and felons … characters who are always together, forever searching, always savoring, exhibiting to us mere mortals that life is different with money.



It’s the New Roaring Twenties, life after the pandemic, and the Series follows John and Charlotte living their leisured and cultivated life, rendezvousing with globe-trotting friends.




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