Young billionaires seek out bigger, long-range private jets during the pandemic

Engines big enough to transport them to far-flung destinations

We might still be in the middle of a pandemic but it seems the super-rich are still investing in luxury jets, specifically, aircrafts with engines big enough to enable them to travel transatlantically without the need for stopovers.

According to The Telegraph, there’s been a surge in younger billionaires seeking out larger, long-range private jets. Jetcraft Owner Jahid Fazal-Karim told the newspaper:

‘If you are a tech entrepreneur or CEO who has been successful at a young age, you’re more likely to buy a large jet because it fits with your lifestyle and the global nature of your business.’ He added, ‘You may have a home in Italy and an office in California so need a long-range aircraft to make the non-stop journey between the two.’

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