Claudia Cardinale & Pierluigi

Explosive sexuality and talent is what made Claudia Cardinale one of European’s top actresses of the 1960s, normally touted as Italy’s answer to Brigitte Bardot.



Cardinale received her widest exposure in 1963 playing herself – the object of star Marcello Mastroianni’s fantasies – in Federico Fellini’s masterpiece 8 1/2.




The screen siren sat down with the Guardian’s, Steve Rose to discuss entrancing Fellini, spurning Brando – and why appearing in 135 films still isn’t enough.

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Pierluigi Praturlon was born in Rome in 1924.  He grew up to become a photographer in the city’s cinematic golden age – the time of la dolce vita.  He scored the coveted spot as Fellini’s set collaborator, and legend has it — it was Pierluigi who suggested that Anita Ekberg climb into the Fontana de Trevi.

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